High Nitrogen Steel (HNS)
Army Bridges

Army Bridges

HNS Army Bridges

High Nitrogen Steel is also used in army bridges and in other structural applications, as it has high strength and good weldability.

The welding efficiency achieved is 80-90%, which is higher than other commercial grades available. Super Duplex Steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio which inhibits good structural integrity.

Other advantages: High corrosion resistance, Low DBTT temperatures enabling it to be used in naval applications.

General Characterstics

  • Armour steel optimally designed for blast protection
  • Perfect combination of strength & toughness as compared to other commercial grades available
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High impact value even at sub-zero temperatures
  • Unique combination of Ballistic and Blast protection properties

Chemical Composition +

  •  Min.Max.
  • %C-0.1
  • %Mn21.024.0
  • %S-0.015
  • %P-0.060
  • %Si-1.0
  • %Cr17.520.0
  • %N0.50.7

Mechanical Properties +

  • Thickness (mm)< 1010 to < 2020 to 50
  • YS (min. MPa)950 - 1250750 - 1050700 - 850
  • UTS (min. MPa)1000 - 1300900 - 1150900 - 1100
  • %EI, min153030
  • Impact Toughness Min J - L, RT-150200
Mine Trawler

Mine Trawler

International Standards,
Indian Price

Building Self-reliance in Critical Armour Segment
Trust JSL’s Indigenously Made Defence Applications for Our Soldiers’ Safety

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Trust JSL’s indigenously made
Defence applications for our soldiers’ safety

  • TNO
  • IABG
threatWithstands different threat levels
internationalComplies to
all international standards
defence applicationsFor varied defence applications

High Nitrogen Steel:
Mine Trawler

Successfully withstood 3 consecutive blasts of 10 Kg TNT, trials done by Indian Army

Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV)

Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV)

Moving India's defence forward

with the safest armoured vehicles.

Jindal Stainless leads the way by supplying indigenous Armour Materials HNS and
JD1 for prestigious Ministry of Defence Projects and Defence Research Establishments (DRDO)

  • Realiability & consistency
    Realiability & consistency
  • Expertise in project management
    Expertise in project management
  • Manufacturing in fully integrated facility
    Manufacturing in fully integrated facility
  • Cost & time efficient
    Cost & time efficient
  • End to end armour solutions
    End to end armour solutions
  • World-class R&D facilities
    World-class R&D facilities

JD1 an High Ntrogen Steel:

Mine Protected Vehicle

  • Integrated manufacturer of premium quality ballistic armour and blast armour steel grades
  • Provide armoured solutions according to different threat levels
  • Cost-effective compared to globally available
  • Faster delivery time