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From the MD's Desk

Mr. Abhiyuday Jindal

After powering 32 vital sectors of our nation, I am proud to say that Jindal Stainless is strengthening its presence in defense (defence) and aerospace - assisting our customers across three key critical dimensions of prevent, protect & attack. We have developed entire value chain from raw material to finished products and we are ready to supply materials, components and sub-systems in the global market. We have made a promise to safeguard our nation and take its might of innovation to the world. We will fulfil this stainless promise through years of expertise, key partnerships, state-of-the-art facilities and innovative solutions - becoming an end-to-end solutions provider for our country.

Together, let's brave new frontiers.

The Trust of Jindal - Our Certifications

All Jindal Defence & Aerospace solutions are patterned along the best global standards and internationally recognised Quality Management Systems.

  • TNO
  • Make in India
  • BIS
  • NABL
  • IABG

Thinking Planet-First

JSL has always been committed to sustainable development through adoption of best practices with respect to quality, environment, health & safety. JSL unrelentingly works for waste reduction through adoption of Lean manufacturing concepts and tools like; 6 Sigma, Juran Methodology, Quality Circles, 5S and TPM.